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Scranton school play… out of this world

Junior students perform the school play, No Signs of Intelligent Life
Junior students perform the school play, No Signs of Intelligent Life. Back row from L to R: Jeran Anderson, Zoie Johns, Justin Kline. Front row from L to R: Quentin Schumacher, Brooke Swann, Casitee Miller, Samantha Oase.

Believe it or not, alien life forms invaded Scranton on Nov. 22. The strange creatures were discovered at the Scranton Public School annual play, No Signs of Intelligent Life.

By Frank Turner

There, Scranton’s junior students put their acting skills to the test and performed a comedy play for the public based on aliens trying to blend into earth society.

For over a month, Director Jennifer Riemann and Codirector Terri Bergquist helped the junior students practice their parts and prepare for last Friday’s performance.

“In the play, the aliens are undercover on earth,” said Riemann. “What ends up happening is that the aliens end up having a bunch of weird and awkward encounters while trying to fit into everyday life.”

According to Riemann, performing an annual play has been a long-standing tradition for junior students at Scranton Public School. She said the original intent of the play was to help students try new things and “get out of their comfort zone.”

“It’s always the kids that you don’t necessary expect to be into acting that surprise you, and they come out of their shell,” she said. “It’s a chance for students to discover that theater and performance could be a part of their niche.”

Although the play was mandatory for the English class, Riemann said that every student was engaged in the project and excited to explore theater.

“This year was such a fun group of kids,” she said. “They had a lot of fun getting into their goofy alien characters.”

This year seven students, the entire Scranton junior class, participated as actors. Due the limited class size, the students performed multiple roles in the play and other students from other grades helped as stage crew participants. The cast of student actors is as follows:

– Jeran Anderson: Alien, Redneck, Student, Tourist, Alien.

– Zoie Johns: Human, Alien Substitute Teacher, Burger World Employee, Human.

– Justin Kline: Almighty Voice, Human, Alien.

– Quentin Schumacher: Alien, Man on a Blind Date, Burger World Manager, Craft Shop Presenter, Alien.

– Brooke Swann: Human, Student, Human, Alien on a Camping Trip.

– Casitee Miller: Human, Alien on a Blind Date, Student, Tourist.

– Samantha Oase: Tech Support Alien, Burger World Employee, Tour Guide, Human Resources Rep.

Overall, Riemann said that last Friday’s performance went swimmingly, and over 100 people turned out for the students’ performance.

“We got so many complements about how good it was,” she said. “People were just blown away by the amount we were able to accomplish with such a small class.”

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