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Bowman Community Chorus schedules Christmas concert Dec. 8

Some of the Bowman Community Chorus Members in rehearsal.
Some of the Bowman Community Chorus Members in rehearsal.

Bowman Community Chorus is well into rehearsals for their 61st Christmas Concert December 8th, at Bowman Lutheran Church, 2:00 and 6:30 p.m.

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The Chorus, 51 voices strong, will be presenting Night of the Father’s Love, a Pepper Choplin cantata using old favorites in a new way. Many other old favorites will brighten their repertoire as well as a new one written by Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant.

Lynn Brackel is once again leading the Saxy Brass. The 18 member group, aged 8th grade through retired people includes an aunt and niece on French Horns, and a mother/daughter duo on Alto Saxes. The group’s resounding Christmas cheer adds a wonderful zing to the concert as well.

There are new faces in new places in the choir this year. Alec Nelson, Bowman Elementary School’s new music director is picking up the baton for some of the chorus numbers. Wade Howard, a returning vocalist and director from Hettinger will also direct. Lynn Brackel who has directed the Saxy Brass since their inception in 2000, will take on a bigger role of directing part of the chorus numbers. Lori Sola, who has sung with the choir and is an accomplished flautist will put down the flute and pick up the baton for a couple numbers, also. Of course, Ron Bowman, who has directed ever since Joan Thom, will also direct several numbers.

The Choir Directors for this year
The Choir Directors for this year (l-r) Wade Howard, Lori Sola, Alec Nelson, Ron Bowman, and Lynn Brackel. Photo courtesy of Wade Howard.

This year, again, people from Bowman, Rhame, Scranton, Hettinger, Buffalo and Ladner are joining together to create a beautiful magical evening.

Choir members were sad to lose our dear Joan Thom, this year. She began this tradition back in 1959 by bringing the Bowman Lutheran and Methodist choirs together for the first Christmas Concert. She directed the combined choir through 1968 and they met at various places including the Bowman Theatre. Ron Bowman took over from then on. He and his wife, Orpha have kept the chorus alive and thriving ever since. Will Charboneau conducted the choir in 2014. Brian Holder and Ron co-conducted during the years 2015-2017.

A total of 642 people have sung with the group throughout the years. Parents, children, grandchildren from all walks of life combine in this wonderful concert. The 25 year club will be adding five new members to make 46 singing this year. Some people have even advanced to the 55 year level! It will be fun to see who is moving up in these circles.

During the intermission, the Dollars for Scholars group will be serving lots of Christmas goodies and coffee and punch. It is a grand time. Everyone is invited to come and be part of this wonderful Christmas occasion.

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