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Drama Club helps raise funds for Dollars for Scholars

Front row: Teddy Gaebe (left) and Alyssa Buckman (right) interact while 3 concerned teachers look on. Submitted photo.
Front row: Teddy Gaebe (left) and Alyssa Buckman (right) interact while 3 concerned teachers look on. Submitted photo.

12 local Bowman County School drama students channeled their creative energy last weekend and performed the one-act comedy play, “Epic Fail” for the public.

By Frank Turner

While the performance was free, proceeds from the concessions went to support Bowman’s Dollars for Scholars local chapter, a local organization that provides accessible scholarships for students.

At the play, underclassmen students sold water and popcorn to raise money for upperclassmen students. According to Dollars for Scholars Co-president Connie Gaebe, the money made from play concessions will benefit the current graduating class.

“The organization is for grades 9 through 12,” said Gaebe. “We need the underclassmen to help with these events, but the money is always given out to the senior, graduating class.”

Although the scholarship money goes to the graduating class, Gaebe said the underclassmen still benefit from their volunteer work.

“We keep record of the underclassmen’s volunteer hours,” she said. “When the underclassmen become seniors, their volunteer hours are accumulated and counted toward their scholarship applications.” 

Overall, Gaebe said that Dollars for Scholars was grateful to work with the drama club.

“Working with the drama club is a great way to promote the arts while raising money for a good cause,” she said.

The play, “Epic Fail,” is a one-act comedy about a group of teenagers who find little successes in failures. Drama Advisor Lyndsey Erickson said that the drama students chose the play themselves.

“We had gotten together and read through a few other scripts, but “Epic Fail” was the one that the students overwhelmingly voted for,” said Erickson.   

After performing in Bowman, the drama club traveled up to Dickinson State University to perform “Epic Fail” at the Region X One-Act play contest. There, they competed against eight other drama classes from around the region. The top two from the competition then get to perform at the state competition in Jamestown.

Although the results from the regional competition were not available by the time of this publication, Erickson said the students did great at their performance. 

“I’m really proud of the students for the work they have put into the play,” said Erickson. “It’s a really entertaining play, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds for us.”

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