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Scranton Public School Receives 2019 Values Driven Award of Excellence

Teachers Michelle Engraf and Polly Markegard receiving the award on behalf of Scranton school at the Cognia Conference held in Bismarck on September 24. Submitted photo.

Principal/Superintendent John Pretzer announced today Scranton Public School was recognized as an award winner for the Midwest Region of Cognia.

Staff Report

The institution received the 2019 Values Driven Award of Excellence. The award was presented at the 2019 Cognia Midwest Region Conference in Chicago on October 30th.

Cognia (formerly Advanced | Measured Progress) is a non-profit, continuous improvement organization that conducts rigorous, on-site reviews of a variety of educational institutions and provides resources, tools and support to education leaders across the globe to ensure all learners realize their full potential. Nominations for this award were received from a variety of sources including volunteers, Engagement Review team members, Lead Evaluators, Field Consultants, Cognia Advisory Committee members, and staff.

Becky Densmore, Cognia’s Vice President Midwest stated, “Cognia is a mission driven organization supported by our core values. The Values Driven Award of Excellence recognizes institutions in the Midwest who systematically and systemically model these values through their day-to-day efforts to improve outcomes for their students.”

(Left) Superintendent John Pretzer and Principal Kelly Pierce accepting the award at the Cognia Connect Conference in Chicago. Submitted Photo.

These values include:

• Dream Big. We are not constrained by the current environment or framework even as we work within existing systems.

• Stand for the Learner. We represent the interests of all learners with a commitment to equity and integrity.

• Be Bold and Daring. We take risks that support our beliefs.

• Drive Potential. We create and initiate change, growth and innovation in our work but also among each other. We embrace the individuality we bring and strive for excellence as a team.

• Be Tenacious. We are relentless in pursuing our mission.

• Build Connections. We expand and nurture our internal and external relationships.

“This school community should be commended for their commitment and dedication to achieve the next level of excellence on behalf of the learners they serve and it is our privilege and honor to join them on their journey to do so,” commented Betsy Deal, Cognia Regional Director.

Parents and interested community members can learn more about Cognia at cognia.org.

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