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Riders compete at 10th Annual Headless Horseman Barrel Race

Amidon Rider Kisten Homelvig darts around a barrel at the Headless Horseman Barrel Race. Courtesy Photo/NOAA

Something spooky was going on last weekend at the All Seasons Arena last week. Riders from around the area gathered in Bowman to test their riding skills at the 10th Annual 4D Headless Horseman Barrel Race.

By Frank Turner

The event, hosted by Barb Williams and Ali Miller, had a Youth division for riders under the age 15 and a Pewee Division for riders under the age of 6.

This year, 150 riders competed each day of the event with 300 runs in the Open 4 Division, 50 runs in the Youth Division, and 11 in the Pewee. Although this year’s attendance was down from previous years, Miller said the event is still a big draw for the area.

“One thing was the storm that hit a couple of weeks ago,” said Miller. “The snow prevents a lot of people from riding and keeping their horses in shape.”

Overall the event paid out around $20,000 in cash and prizes. Prizes included leather purses, bracelets, hay bags, picture frames, and buckles. On Saturday evening, the event hosted live music by Morgan Seymour and a meal catered by Lenny Kempenich for all the event’s participants.

Stetson Rahn of Buffalo dresses as a dinosaur for the Headless Horseman Costume Contest. Submitted photo.

The Headless Horseman Average results from the Open 4D competition are as follows:


1. Summer Kosel on Docs Royal Win

2. Victoria Netzer on Don’t Judge This Guy

3. Mackenzie Weber on Shawne Chrome


1. Autumn Depewolf on Classy

2. Dale Lee Forman on Bunny

3. Lynn Schaper on Chilla


1. Kayla Rodgers on RNF Gay Bar Royal

2. Stephanie Weigel on EL Mini Jet

3. Siggy Scheild on LP Cincheslittlepearl


1. Kari Salverson on Sheza Game Player

2. Linda Hunter on Red, White and Run

3. DonnaJo Leavitt on Cousin Road Runner

The Headless Horseman Average results from the Youth competition are as follows:


1. Autumn Sackman on Bug In Vegas

2. Carlee Miller on Hunka Hoss

3. Jada Bonogofsky on Docs Casady Dasher


1. Claire Castelberry on Tux

2. Ceyenne Hart on Smart N Grand


1. Jory Bonogofsky on Daisy

2. Taylor Getz on Lily

3. Hannah White on Ashes

In addition to horses ducking and dodging around barrels, the event also hosted a costume contest. Three judges gave cash prizes to the best costumes. Jacelyn Veal won the title for best youth costume for her Marine costume, and Brita Ryan won the title for best adult costume for her Arabian Queen costume.

Overall, Miller said that both she and Barb Williams were satisfied with the event.

“Considering the weather,” said Miller, “we were happy with the numbers that attended.”

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