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Next Door Pizza coming to Bowman

Bowman residents looking for a fresh pizza close to home are in luck. TJ Honeyman, owner of Next Door Pizza in Scranton, recently announced plans to open up a new Next Door Pizza location in Bowman.

By Frank Turner

Next Door Pizza is a small family-oriented pizza establishment in Scranton, North Dakota. The restaurant has been serving the Scranton area pizza for over 30 years. In addition to pizza, the restaurant serves salads, appetizers, beer and wine.

Honeyman said progress has been moving fast, and depending on the arrival of equipment, he tentatively hopes to have the restaurant up and running by December 1. The new restaurant will be located in what was the Bowman Subway building along Highway 12. Honeyman said that he expects the business will employ “around four full-time employees and ten part-time employees.”

Although Next Door Pizza has been in Scranton for decades, Honeyman is a recent owner of the restaurant. Honeyman recently bought the Scranton pizza business in late 2018, and already, he is set on expansion.

“I would definitely like to see the concept expand,” said Honeyman. “My next goal will be to set myself and business model up to franchise.”

Once opened, the Bowman location will be the second existing Next Door Pizza. However looking forward, Honeyman said the Bowman location “will be the second of many.”

“I feel we have an awesome product and I just really want to share it with a larger immediate market,” he said.

Besides expansion reasons, Honeyman said he is starting the Bowman location to stay closer to his hometown.

“My home is Bowman and what better people to share your dreams with than your immediate family and friends.”

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