National 4H Week, Oct. 6 – 12

Thanks to everyone who supports Bowman Co 4H!  You’re the best!!!

Luke Fischer:  I am in 4H because it is a good way to gain leadership skills and to become educated about and involved in agriculture.  In a small town like Bowman that is heavily based on agriculture, it is essential to have these skills.  I want to thank all the 4H leaders and educators for taking time out of their day to educate the youth about agriculture.  4H would not be possible without you!

Abigail Burke:  I like 4H because I like to help people.

Jacob Hendrickson:  This is my 8th year in 4H.  What I like about 4H is how you can have fun while you are working on your projects and your animals while learning how to lead others.  Thanks to all the buyers for supporting us and buying our animals.  Also thanks to the 4H council and the leaders and all who support 4H.

Gabe Burke:  What I like about 4H is that you do projects.

Ella Henderson:  I love to make things and show animals!

Aleah Jaeger:  I like selling Christmas wreaths.

Kaylee Kinsey:  I love showing livestock.

Amy Jeffers:  I like 4H because it’s a way to be involved in the community and a big thank you back to the community for all the support you have given to 4H.

Eli Jaeger:  I like that we get to have fun and do fund raisers and have cookies!

Jacob Green:  I like to show rabbits, learn new things, help others, make friends, and have fun at the fair!

Casey Kinsey:  I love the activities we do.

Brady Hendrickson:   Livewire 4H has done a lot for our community, such as bake-n-take where we bake something and give it to others.  We raked leaves for a few people in town.  We sell wreaths for our fundraiser and give a couple to people in our community that have had a tough year to help cheer them up.  It feels good to be part of a group that helps others.

Johnny Kinsey:  I love the friends we meet.

Sarah Jeffers:  I like 4H because we get to do lots of service projects like baking cookies and cleaning yards.  I also like to enter projects and show my steer at the fair.

Mia Jaeger:  I like the projects we get to do.

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