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RehabVisions hosts Don’t Fall in the Fall

Physicians and Southwest Healthcare staff (Left to Right) Darren Criswell, Carol Cornelius, Joan Woodley, Jen Jahner, Cole Benz, Kristy Sargent, Chris Peterson, and Ria Eaton celebrate their first successful “Don’t Fall in the Fall” RehabVisions event. Submitted Photo.

RehabVisions at Southwest Healthcare Services hosted their first Don’t Fall in the Fall event last week on Tuesday. RehabVisions hosted the public event during September, Fall Prevention Month, to both raise awareness about falls and prevent fall related injuries.

By Frank Turner

According to Director of Rehabilitation for RehabVisions at Southwest Healthcare Services Jen Jahner, the rate of falls increase as the weather gets colder. Jahner said that people of all ages were welcome to attend the event.

“It’s really a public outreach event,” said Jahner. “We have a lot of people in our community that are caregivers for their loved ones, and so we wanted to target them so they can help maybe either their elderly mother or father know what should and shouldn’t be in their homes.”

To ready the community for the impending winter, the rehab facility set up six learning station, each manned by a different health professional. Each station had a different health professional ready to engage the public with both educational presentations and engaging activities.

“What we really wanted to emphasize is that there are other things besides just balance and dizziness that can contribute to falls,” she said. “It’s just a way for us to show our community and patients that there are a lot of different health professionals that can help you, if you have troubles falling.”

Each station focused on a different and unique aspect of fall prevention. The stations covered information about balance, home safety, medication checks, sensation/footwear, and annual wellness and blood pressure.

Jahner said that health professionals covered a lot of tips about falls that people don’t normally think about, such installing rails in stairwells, removing tripping hazards in the house, and medication awareness.

Overall, Jahner said that people were very receptive and engaged in each station. In the future, Jahner said she hopes to see the event grow in coming years. She also said Rehab Visions will likely continue hosting the Don’t Fall in the Fall in the future and make it an annual event.

“We are hoping to host the event again next year and use it as an opportunity to educate,” she said.

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