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Farm Safety Presentation at CORE Freshman Impact

On Wednesday Max Robison, NDSU Extension Agent, Misty Steeke, Scranton High School Agriculture Education instructor and Trevor Steeke gave a presentation on Farm Safety to about 120 freshman students from nine area schools.

Staff Report

The presentation began with why safety is important on the farm and on the road in rural communities, with the danger of colliding with slow moving vehicles.  The first leg of the presentation began with PTO safety.  A straw stuffed dummy was placed near the PTO shaft, with an article of the dummy’s clothing caught in a U-joint.  The PTO was then turned on and the students could see how quickly the caught piece of clothing was wrapped up on the PTO shaft and it was usually a fatal result for the dummy.  They also showed students what would happen if a hand was caught in the moving chains of a round baler by using hotdogs to mimic fingers.  This was a hit with the students.  They were also instructed on how to avoid pinch points, by lowering all attachments on a piece of equipment so that hydraulics wouldn’t settle and pinch or trap someone, or someone or something wouldn’t cause a sudden shift in attachment position and cause harm.  They were also instructed to turn off and remove keys if they were working on or near the equipment to avoid someone starting the machine without knowledge of someone else working on or by it.

The presenters went on to talk about four wheeler and side-by-side safety, as well as ways to be safe around livestock. 

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