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Homecoming week rallies students for big game

Abby Smyle is crowned the 2019 homecoming queen at Monday’s coronation. (Photo by Cole Benz)

Over the last few weeks, the weather has started cooling down and the leaves have begun to change. Autumn is just around the corner, which means football season has jumped into full swing at Bowman County School.
By Frank Turner
Last week, students geared up for the Friday’s homecoming football game and cheered on their fellow Bull Dogs by participating in a host of homecoming week activities.
Pepclub/Homecoming Advisor Jettie Swanson said she worked with two other teachers, Tyneal Burke and Connie Gaebe, to create a memorable week that students could rally behind.
“It’s fun to see all the kids working together and creating things,” said Swanson. “It’s nice to see the kids who are not involved in athletics still be involved.”
Last week’s homecoming activities started early this year. On Sunday, 7-12 grade students could go to the school with a chaperone and decorate the hallways. According to Swanson, this year’s decoration day was cartoon and TV show themed.
“The 7-12th graders always try to pick shows that the elementary kids like because the elementary kids judge the decorations,” she said.
Then on Monday, students had the chance to both see a newly decorated school and dress up as movie characters and villains. Swanson said there were a lot of students dressed up as Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians walking through the halls.
Later Monday evening, the 2019 Homecoming Court and Royalty were chosen at Coronation. Out of ten candidates, Jacob Svihovec and Abby Smyle were chosen as the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen. The 2019 Homecoming Court are as follows: Elise Fischer, Camden Wokal, Kira Irons, Matt Osendorf Ashlynn Dix, Dale Skalicky, Jill Svihovec, and Andrew Narum.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all dedicated to various dress up days. Tuesday the school wore clothes to look like nerds or their teachers. Wednesday, to reference the teen comedy Mean Girls, the school dressed up in all pink, and on Thursday, the school dressed up for twin/triplet day.
Overall, Swanson said that the kids had a great time dressing up throughout the week.
“Kids look forward to the activities for months,” said Swanson. “There were kids and classes who were already preparing their outfits and decorations over the summer.”
Before the big game on Friday, 7-12 graders participated in a school Olympics where the senior class won for the 3rd year in a row.
Overall, Swanson said that the homecoming week provided students a fun week of excitement and camaraderie.
“Everybody just comes together this week,” said Swanson. “It all brings us all together for a week and it’s just a really energetic week that the kids feed off of.”

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