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Haley Vassey sign

Left to Right- Ken Braun, Tom Braun, Nita Kralicek Braun, Neil Krinke, and Ernie Ward

In June 2018 a joint school reunion was held in Scranton, ND for two country schools which were Haley and Vessey.
Staff Report
Haley School was located at various locations in the Haley, ND community and the Vessey School was in Harding County, SD which was sometimes referred to as south Haley.
This sign is a tribute to both those country schools and the teachers and students who attended those schools. Facing the sign on the left is the Haley School (1909) and on the right the Vessey School (1918). There are sky and clouds over both schools. On the left side is a Western Meadowlark, the state bird of ND sitting on a barbed wire fence. The right is a Ring- necked Pheasant which is the SD state bird. The Haley Bridge (1910) is over the Grand River which connects the communities, schools, and states. The lad under the bridge represents the children of both communities, the cattle represents the agricultural community.
The sign was purchased from the proceeds of the silent auction and pie social from those that attended or donated to the reunion with generous contributions to cover expenses of the reunion and have a sign made.
Special thanks to Nita Braun who spearheaded the efforts for the Haley Vessey sign who worked with Ernie Ward in the design and coordinated with the Baker Metal & Recycling, Baker, MT owned by Lee Moore and Sons who actually made the sign. Additionally, special thanks to Neil & Rosalie Krinke and Family who provided the ideal location at Haley to erect the sign. Those present to raise the sign to honor the legacy from these two fine schools and communities were: Neil & Rosalie Krinke, Tom & Nita Braun, Ken Braun, and Ernie & Shari Ward.
Thank you very much to everyone who made this dream come true!

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