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Varsity x-country places three girls in top 10 at Bowman invite

The Bulldogs cross-country team hosted their second meet of the season at Sweetwater Golf course in Bowman on Thursday, Aug. 29. The meet started at 9 a.m. and the running was finished before noon.
By Cole Benz
For The Pioneer
Taylor Wanner led the way for the junior varsity boys, leading the whole group of runners for most of the race. But on the last stretch two runners from Williston caught up with him. And for the last half mile the three runners paced one another.
“It was just an all-out race,” head coach Jon Jahner said.

Wanner ended up beating one while finishing after the other, and placed second among the pack of the junior varsity boys with a finish time of 10:32.96. The winner, Daniel Cruz, finished with a time of 10:32.30.
“[Taylor] was cruising,” Jahner said. “It was a very, very good race.”
Nick Rodakowski finished second among the Bulldogs and 11th overall.
“It was a very nice run for Nick,” Jahner said. “It was a good day for him.”
Landyn Gerbig lead the way for the junior varsity girls with a third overall finish with a time of 13:00.91, followed by her sister Adyson Gerbig, finishing fourth overall. Julie Sarsland finished seventh overall for the Bulldog junior high girls.
“They ran very, very well,” Jahner said. “The JV girls had a very nice run.”
Junior Brian Miller was the lead varsity boy that morning, finishing fourth overall with a time of 17:02.48. Camden Wokal, senior, was second on the team for the high school boys. Freshman Caleb Sarsland, junior Sam Rodakowski and Austin Wanner rounded out the top five finishers for the boys varsity team.

Eighth-grader Jaci Fischer was the top runner for the varsity girls after placing fourth overall. She finished with a time of 20:58.96. After Fischer, senior Alexius Miller and eighth-grader Kenley Bowman finished ninth and 10th respectively. Freshman Paysha Rex was the 22nd overall finisher.
“We put three in the top 10,” Jahner said. “So it was a good run for those [girls].”
The race was again a combination of both Class A schools and Class B schools.
Jahner said he was happy with the results. His runners came out strong, and kept it a close race because of that strong start
“We made them race,” Jahner said. “So that was good to see.”
He said that practices earlier in the week were kind of inconsistent, and that it caught up with them by the meet, but that he was happy with the overall performances from both his girls and boys teams.
Their next meet in scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 7 in Mandan.

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