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Bowman Theater begins fall schedule

The Bowman Theater started its new fall schedule September 6th.
Frank Turner/Bowman County Pioneer

Starting September 6th, the Bowman Theater is switching to its fall schedule. The theater will be show movies Friday and Saturday nights with a Sunday matinee.
By Frank Turner
Last winter, the Bowman Theater shut down on December 31 and reopened in early May. As the theater heads into the winter season again, co-owner Melissa Case said that it’s likely the theater will likely shut down sometime in late December.
“For the foreseeable future, for next year, that’s the plan,” said Case. “After that I don’t know.”
Ultimately Case said that she rather see the movie theater run as a community run organization instead of having the business close in the winter months, especially because of the theater’s long history.
“It would be a shame to close it,” said Case. “The theater was built in the 40’s. Right after the war, some of the guys coming back from the war, their first job was running wheelbarrows of cement for the front stage.”
Case said that, as a community owned organization, the theater could not only show movies, but also host music concerts, theater, and choirs.
“We were trying to get community owned project going, like the one they own in Hettinger,” said Case. “It would be best as community owned theater because it is a community service. That would be the best thing for everyone involved.”
She continued, “There are only a handful of privately owned single-screen movie theaters in the United States. We would be willing to work with anyone.”
Whatever happens, people will still be able to sit down and enjoy an evening fall movie this year. Angry Birds 2 and Overcomer are the first movies on deck for the fall schedule starting September 6th.

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