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Pastor’s Corner: Learning to Pray

In just a few short weeks, my congregations will begin our faith education programs for the year. Every Wednesday afternoon we will gather and teach students about the bible and Christian life. And that includes teaching them how to pray and be more comfortable with prayer.

By Pastor
Mary Wiggins

And there is a reason for that. Even when we do know how to pray, prayer can still make us feel, like are not doing it right. Because, often we treat prayer like a magical formula, where it only know it works when it gives us the results we want. But prayer isn’t like that.
In fact, there are so many ways out there to pray. Several of which we try to show our students. But one thing that connects them all, the Divine. Prayer helps to strengthen our relationship with God.
Prayer is many things. But most importantly prayer is essential to a relationship with God. Prayer is calling upon God for every need. It is one of the ways that we practice trusting God. Afterall, you don’t really have a relationship with someone, if you never speak to them. I mean you can in a sense, but your relationship with someone is much stronger when you are in communicate with them.
I feel that prayer is something greater than a skill that you know or do not know. Prayer is a discipline. It is practice that we do in order to grow spiritually and to stay spiritually strong. We learn it by doing it. And the more we do it the more comfortable we feel when we do it. And once you get in the habit it no longer feels, weird or uncomfortable, it becomes natural. And before you know it you can do it without even realizing your praying. Eventually, we can pray without ceasing.
Prayer is not only something that we do as people of God. It is part of how we life out our life of faith. Prayer isn’t something you have to do right. You just have to do it. Because when you do it. Your life is opened to a life connected to God. A connection that keeps you going, even when you feel like you do not have any words of prayer to say at all.

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