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New staff joins Bowman County School District

It wasn’t just the kids excited for their first day of school this week. A whole legion of new faculty is joining Bowman County School District’s ranks this year.
By Frank Turner
Just this year the school has added eleven new faculty members. The high school, elementary, and support areas of the school are all benefitting from the new help.
Many of the incoming staff are from all over the state with varying degrees of teaching experience.
Elementary Principal Mitch Strand said that it’s always great when the school and community can attract new people: with new staff comes new energy.
“We learn from our peers,” said Strand. “Anytime we get a teacher that is new from college or another school district, along with them they bring their past experiences and new ideas.”
Specifically, four new teachers and one new paraprofessional started their first day in the elementary this week, and the highschool added three new teachers and three support staff. The new staff are as follows:

– Ashley Becker, 7-12 Math Teacher
– Courtney Miller, 7-12 Science Teacher
– Phil Weldele, Pride Center/Credit Recovery
– Joaine Heggem, Kindergarten Teacher
– Courtney Anderson, 4th Grade Teacher
– Heather Salzsieder, Rhame Kindergarten Teacher
– Alec Nelson, Rhame/Bowman Elementary Music Teacher
– Macy Burke, Preschool Para-Professional
– Connie Mason, Assistant Cook
– Deb Guidinger, Assistant Cook
– Luke Rodakowski, Head Maitenence

Strand said that they were successful in hiring new teachers and support staff because of the schools ability to highlight a supportive Bowman community and great existing staff and kids.
“Our enrollment is going up,” he said, “and in rural North Dakota, that’s not happening. Here, we have a vivid community.”
Even though the first day of school can be hectic, Strand said that everything had fallen into place, especially now that the new faculty and students are roaming the halls.
“I’ve been back to work for about a month now, but it doesn’t feel right until you see those kids again,” said Strand. “When you hear about how their summer went, you can feel their excitement. It’s just a great time to be in the school.”

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