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Library celebrates first day back to school

Library Director Sarah Snavely hands out root beer floats to kids that just finished their first day of school. Frank Turner/Bowman County Pioneer

Excitement was in the air this week as kids in Bowman attended first day of school after a long summer break.
By Frank Turner
After a full day of getting acquainted with new friends and teachers, kids had the opportunity to unwind from their exhausting day at the Bowman Regional Public Library with an ice-cold root beer float.
Most snacks are donated to the library, and this time, the root beer floats were provided by the local Lutheran Church.
Normally, Library Director Sarah Snavely likes to serve healthier treats like carrots or crackers to the kids, but because of the exciting occasion, Snavely said she was happy to make an exception.
“We love feeding the kids after school,” said Snavely. “The community is really great about supporting us with money for snacks or supplies.”
Both the library and the kids enjoyed the afterschool treats. Students Kayla Copeland and Isabella Whittet were perfectly content with root beer floats and their first day of school.
The two students were happy to share their first day experiences as brand new fourth graders in Ms. Anderson’s class.
“It was a really fun day,” said Copeland. “My favorite class is P.E. – I really like physical education.”
“And I like math,” added Whittet.
According to the students, the kids played a game called ‘This or That’ for their first day of school. In the game, kids had a chance to choose what they like best between two options.
“We did dirt bike or jet ski, Fortnite or PUBG, and steak or pork, and literally everbody went to steak. Everybody loves steak,” said Whittet.
Looking forward, both Copeland and Whittet were jazzed about the start of their new school year and their new friendship.
“We sat next to each other,” said Copeland. “I actually made a bunch of new friends because this is my first year at the school.”