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Bowman Bulldogs welcome new Superintendent

As summer winds to an end, kids across the county are looking forward to their first day of school. This year, however, it’s not just the kids who are excited to start a new school year.

By Frank Turner

Bowman School Superintendent Wayne Heckaman is the newest addition to the Bowman County School District, and much like the kids, he is also excited for his first day of class at the Bowman school.

“There’s always that excitement at the beginning of the year,” said the new superintendent.

Heckaman is a self described “North Dakota kid.” Not only did he grow up in central North Dakota, but he also got his education degrees at Bismarck State College and Dickinson State.

Heckaman attributed his love for education to the example set by his parents.

“Both of my parents were educators,” he said, “I grew up in the with the system all around me, so education was just a normal path to choose.”

Before working as superintendent, Heckaman worked as a men’s basketball coach, teacher, assistant principal, and high school principal at different schools across the state.

Ultimately, Heckaman said that it was both the available career opportunity and his love of the western region of North Dakota brought him and his family to Bowman.

“I’m really blessed to have this opportunity,” he said. “The West is where I met my wife, and I’ve always known that this part of the state has been good to me.”

Although the new superintendent just moved to Bowman in June, Heckaman said that he has already started to make friends and connections in both the Rhame and Bowman communities.

“The few weeks that we have been here have been a really great time,” he said. “A lot of really good people have come up to my family and I and really made us feel welcome.”

As superintendent, Heckaman said that, as the school year progresses, he is excited to get acclimated with the school and the community, identify the goals of the district and eventually work with the district and the community to move forward to reach those goals.

“When any individual steps into a new position, it’s always reflective to see the moving parts of the school district,” he said. “My role is getting to know community members and knowing how both the community and school district can work together.”

Even with the impending approach of the first day of school, Heckaman said he and the staff are ready for the new school season.

“It’s coming quick, but we will be ready for it,” he said. “You will notice that educators are already setting up their rooms and we have already started football practice. The kids and staff are excited. That’s the special part of being an educator.”

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