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Bowman gears up for Fusion

FUSION to be held Oct. 1 and 2 in 2019. Teran Doerr, Bowman County Development Corporation Economic Director. (Chris Slone | Pioneer)

Last year, 20 talented speakers and presenters gathered in Bowman to empower people and foster leadership.

By Frank Turner

Executive Director Teran Doerr said that in the past, Fusion has brought opportunity to Bowman County and surrounding areas.

“An event of this caliber with renowned content and unique atmosphere is not something that is usually found in rural communities,” she said. “Whether you are looking for something to help you in your career, your community or looking for personal development, Fusion hits all of these categories and so much more. “   

2018 Fusion had remarkable keynote speakers. Keynote Speakers Sheridan Cotrell, Scheel’s CEO Steve M. Scheel, and Kevin Brown all spread their specific knowledge on how to be successful through their own perspective.

Sheridan Cortrell’s presentation, the first keynote of the 2018 conference, focused on discovering core values and how a person can align their priorities for a more fulfilling, intentional, and rewarding life and career.

Keynote Kevin Brown spoke of the Hero Effect, and how anyone can rise up to the challenge and dream big.

Lastly, CEO Steve Scheel highlighted how a business needs to separate themselves from their competition. Scheel cited how the SCHEELS businesses values customer service as a measure of their own business success.

Although each speaker had their own perspective, they all worked to lift up the attendees and give them the inspiration to succeed.

“The takeaways of Fusion are dependent on where each individual was looking to grow and what element resonated,” said Doerr. “A few highlights were shared by attendees after the conference that encompassed the wide range of content available during Fusion.”

With the 2019 Fusion Conference on the horizon, the Bowman County Development Corporation hopes to continue the momentum. According to Doerr, the development corporation has already picked out its 2019 theme.

“The Fusion theme this year is EVOLVE, allowing attendees to gather ideas and tools in order for themselves, their businesses and communities to thrive in an ever-changing world,” she said.

Already, the Bowman County Development Corporation has lined up a new keynote speaker.

“Our Keynote and Emcee is Judson Laipply,” said Doerr. “Judson is an inspirational comedian and the world’s first YouTube celebrity.  He is known for his Evolution of Dance and has been featured on The Today Show, America’s Got Talent, Ellen, and many more.  He compliments our EVOLVE theme and we are so excited to bring him to Fusion 2019.”

Ultimately, Doerr said that she is ecstatic for the upcoming conference, and that she expects the event to keep growing.

“Fusion is so unique.  You have the opportunity to connect with people that you may not usually get to in a capacity that goes outside an industry based conference. We believe each year will be better than the last,” she said. “We listen to what attendees have to say about the previous years’ conferences, both the good and the bad, and we work to improve on both.  So, we believe this year will be the best year yet.”

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