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Regulations, changes coming to Gascoyne Lake

After concerns were raised at this month’s Bowman County Commissioner meeting, the Bowman Water Board is soon adding new regulations to camping at Gascoyne Lake.
By Frank Turner
Concerned citizens attended this month’s meeting to address concerns of people staying and camping at Gascoyne Lake Park for indefinite amounts of time and of people reportedly keeping horses and livestock within the park’s picnic shelters.
The citizens cited concerns of health risks and the possibility of the park harboring future protestors as reasons for tighter regulations.
According to Water Board Chairman Leland Sather, the board agreed to add new regulations for camping at Gascoyne Lake at last week’s water board meeting.
“We had some people attend the meeting who have lived near Gascoyne Lake near all their life,” said the chairman. “We decided at that meeting that we would be putting up signs that say, ‘no live stock allowed,’ and a sign that says seven day stay period.”
Sather said that the board created these rules to make sure that the park stays sanitary and so that way people do not stay extended periods of time living at the park.
Already the new regulatory signs are being made. Sather said that he expects the new signs to be installed in the park sometime this week.