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Bowman celebrates 2019 annual Bowman Rodeo and Fair

Southwest Ag, Inc. won first place in the tropical themed parade for their beach scene float. Photo Submitted

Bowman residents rallied in the hot weather this weekend to enjoy the 2019 annual Bowman Rodeo and Fair.
Early in the week, the fair started off strong with the 4-H Horse Show.

By Frank Turner
Bowman County Pioneer

Whether it was pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, horses or even rabbits, 4-H kids stayed busy this weekend by showing off almost every type of livestock imaginable for judges, trying to win first place with their home-raised animal.
During Friday’s rabbit show, show judge Heather Nester explained to the crowd the challenges of showing a live animal.
“You would think that all rabbits would cooperate, but they don’t,” said Nester. “A lot of the smaller breeds are harder to show than the bigger breeds, because they are more nervous and high strung.”
Even with the challenges of holding a nervous rabbit for a crowd, Nester said that the kids showing did a great job of answering questions and keeping the rabbits calm.
Throughout the week, 4-H kids had to conquer their public speaking fears and answer judges’ questions about their specific animal.

4-H kids show off their goats for live judging. Photo Submitted

“All these kids did an excellent job,” said Nester.
During the competition, Nester said that she was especially impressed with contestant Layla Krinke’s first place rabbit.
“[Layla] did a great job of answering questions, her rabbit is clean, and she did the best job handling the rabbit,” said Nester. “When she gets older, we will see what happens in showmanship.”
The weekend wasn’t all about 4-H, however. Visitors in Bowman could enjoy all sorts of live music, carnival rides, picnics, and the rodeo throughout the weekend.
Live bands like the Mud Butte Band, Church of Cash, and Dirty Word provided live entertainment in evenings.
Bowman also celebrated the fair with a tropical themed parade. Southwest Ag, Inc. won the award for best parade float with a SWAG beach scene, and Thrivent Financial won the award for second place with a rainbow themed float.
Overall, both the fair and rodeo had a great turnout over the weekend. Check out future editions of the Bowman County Pioneer to see the 2019 4-H fair results.