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Bulldogs coaches presented Coach of the Year awards


Earlier this month, Bowman Bulldogs head coach Jonathan Jahner and assistant coach Erick Egan were both recently recognized at the coaches convention and each presented a Coach of the Year award for their involvement in track and field.

By Frank Turner
Bowman County Pioneer

Specifically, both coaches were presented state level awards. Jonathan Jahner was presented the State Coach of the Year award for Class B Boys Track and Field and Egan was presented the Spring Sport Assistant Coach of the Year award.

Principal and athletic director Tyler Senn said that both Jahner and Egan were well deserving of their awards.

“I think they were chosen because of the dedication that they have both show to their sport and their athletes throughout the spring,” said Senn.

According to Senn, Jahner was elected State Coach of the Year by track coaches throughout the state. Once Jahner was awarded the southwest region award, he was then eligible for the state award.

“Mr. Jahner was named Coach of the Year for the both the boys southwest region and girls southwest region for track this past spring,” said Senn. “At that point, his name moved on to the state competition where it was voted on by the track coaches throughout the state.”

Jonathan Jahner said that he nominated Egan for the Spring Sport Assistant Coach of the Year award.

“I nominated Erick for his award, and that goes to the North Dakota High School Coaches Association board and then they decide.”

Jahner attributed the awards to the recent success and accomplishments of the student athletes.

“We won the Southwest Region this year,” said Jahner. “That was the first time that anyone had defeated Trinity, so that was a big accomplishment for those boys. And then we placed 7th at the state meet.”

Jahner also said that Egan had done an amazing job of building the track and field jumps program and that he was well deserving of the awards. Overall, Jahner described the track and field jumps program as a “very consistent and strong program.”

“When he started six or seven years ago, we hadn’t taken a long or triple jumper to state in quite awhile,” Jahner explained. “There was one or two sprinkled in there, and when he started taking over our jumps, we probably turned into one of the better jump programs in the state. He really has done a really nice job with that horizontal jumps program.”

Coach Egan also attributed the programs success to the student athletes.

“Ninety nine percent of the credit goes to the kids,” said Egan. “We can give them the tools to succeed, but at the end of the day they are the ones that have to go out there and do it.“

Ultimately, principal and athletic director Senn said that he was excited to see how the Bulldogs’ track program continues to evolve.

“They are both dedicated to trying to find ways for their student athletes to improve,” said Senn. “It’s a well deserved award for both of them.”