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4-H horse show kicks off Bowman County Fair

The 2019 Bowman County Fair started off strong on Monday with its first event, the Bowman County 4-H Horse Show. At the show, 4-H kids of all ages got the opportunity to bring a horse from home and show off the animal to judges.

By Frank Turner
Bowman County Pioneer

According to Bowman County NDSU agent Max Robison, the 4-H kids have been practicing for the event throughout the year with showmanship coaches Jennifer Pond and Samantha.

“The kids would attend practices two times a month and practice general horsemanship and showmanship,” said Robison.

During the competition, kids were expected to complete different challenges with their horses.

“The kids are given a pattern and the kids have to lead their horse through different gates,” he explained, “they also have to trot up to the judge, set their horse up so it’s standing square, and even answer questions from the judge.”

The Bowman County horse show is a regional event for a lot of surrounding communities and counties. This year a few kids from Slope County attended the event.

Robison said that he is working with the Adams County extension agent Hannah Nordby to get more involvement from Adams County for future horse shows.

“It’s just one of those things where [Adams County] used to have a program and then it disbanded, so it just takes a while to build back up,” said Robison. “From what I’ve heard from the new extension agent in Adams County, they are hoping to set up a program and get some kids involved for next year.”

In total, 11 4-H kids from the region participated in the event. Robison said that the judge noticed an improvement in the kids’ performances from last year.

The Southwest ND 4-H Horse Show results are as follows:

Senior Overall- Tasha Pond

Intermediate Overall- Shayna Pond

Junior Overall- Taylor Getz

Overall Robison said that the horse show had a great turnout, and the event was a great way to start the Bowman County Fair.

“We had a decent number of people attend the show,” he said. “I’m sure that most of the people were parents and grandparents, but it was good to have a nice contingent in the stands. Some of these kids are really nervous, but when they get a round of applause after the event it always builds them up.”

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