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Bowman Drug Company welcomes new pharmacist

The Bowman Drug Company recently welcomed a new pharmacist. Last week, Matt DeGree moved to Bowman to work with NewCara, the corporation that owns the drug store.

By Frank Turner

As new pharmacist-in-charge, DeGree said that, for now, he doesn’t have any big plans to change the drug store. For now, he is just getting situated in Bowman and accustomed to the job.

“I don’t plan on doing any major changes with the store right now,” said DeGree. “I’m mostly just getting my feet wet now. Possibly in the future, but if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Although he is new to Bowman, DeGree is not new to the local region. He said that he has been working as a licensed pharmacist at different locations throughout North Dakota for seven years.

He said that his latest move from Valley City to Bowman was to seize the open management opportunity.

“I’ve worked at well over 20 pharmacies throughout the state and I actually used to work relief for Thrifty White in Hettinger,” said Degree. “I feel like I’m a well rounded pharmacist for how things operate. With that experience, I wanted to step into more of a management position.”

For DeGree, moving wasn’t just all about the job opportunity. Instead, he said that he is excited to explore a new part of the state.

“I’ve never been in this part of the state before, except for Hettinger,” said DeGree. “I think the only way to grow as a person is to step out of your comfort zone and just kind of go with it. I look at this as an adventure.”

Even though DeGree has only been in Bowman for a week, he said that he has already had good experiences with people in town and that he is excited to know the Bowman community.

“The people have always been friendly here,” said DeGree. “It seems like a close-knit community, and knowing people by name is something I look forward to.”

Although the new pharmacist said that he hasn’t hunted or fished much in the past, it is something that he wants to get more involved with.

“I have never really been into hunting before,” he explained. “It’s just not something I had the opportunity to do.

I know they do a lot of hunting in Bowman, so maybe that’s something I’ll take up and have an interest in, because there are a lot of people around here who could make that happen.”

In addition to hunting, DeGree said that he hopes to get involved with the Bowman chamber meetings and discover new activities.

Overall, DeGree said that he plans on sticking around Bowman for a while.

“I’ve stayed a couple of years in every place I’ve lived in, at least. It’s hard to know what the future will hold, but so far I like what I’m seeing.”

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