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NDSU Extension holds gardening workshop

On May 28, the NDSU Extension, Bowman County, held a Vertical Pallet Garden Workshop at the courthouse.

By Max Robison
NDSU Extension

The workshop was held as kick-off to nice weather and gardening season. The attendees were able to learn how to build and plant their own pallet gardens with a variety of vegetables and flowers. Some of the benefits to vertical pallet gardening are; a large area is not required to sustain a bountiful garden, in six square feet a gardener can plant a nice variety of veggies and still have room for pollinator-friendly flowers, the pallet garden is semi portable, allowing full use of sun during growing months, and even bringing the garden indoors for the winter for year round production. The Extension office plans on offering similar workshops in the future. If there is any interest, or any ideas for programs you would like us to bring in, feel free to call the office or stop by and visit.

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