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North Dakota Game and Fish Report

Deer Application Deadline is June 5

Hunters are reminded the deadline for submitting applications for the 2019 deer gun season is Wednesday, June 5.

Applicants for regular deer gun, youth and muzzleloader can apply online through the Game and Fish Department’s website at gf.nd.gov, or call 800-406-6409. A service fee is charged for applications made through the 800 number.

Gratis applicants must apply online – the toll-free licensing telephone number is not set up to receive gratis applications.

Applicants who do not have access to a computer or smartphone can submit the application at a public service location such as a public library, stop at a Game and Fish office, or request help from a friend, relative or neighbor.

Gratis applications received on or before the regular deer gun lottery application deadline will qualify for an any-legal-deer license. As per state law, gratis applications received after the deadline will be processed based on licenses remaining after the lottery – and generally only antlerless licenses remain.

Pronghorn Survey Begins Mid-June

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s annual aerial pronghorn survey is set to begin with a secondary survey slated for mid-June, with the main survey scheduled for July 1-10.

During the survey period, people could notice low-flying small airplanes over some parts of western North Dakota.

The survey is used to determine pronghorn abundance, herd demographics and fawn production. This data is used to set the number of licenses for fall hunting season.

Last year’s survey results indicated the fawn-to-doe ratio was 62 fawns per 100 does, which was equal to the long-term average. The buck-to-doe ratio of 45 bucks per 100 does was above the population objective.

Walleye Tagging Studies at Sakakawea, Alkaline

North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel recently tagged approximately 3,000 walleyes in Lake Sakakawea – 1,000 each in the upper, middle and lower regions of the lake.

Managers plan to continue tagging 3,000 walleye from Lake Sakakawea each year through 2022. This four-year study is aimed to help fisheries biologists assess walleye harvest by size, natural mortality, angling mortality and movements.

In addition to Sakakawea, crews tagged approximately 2,000 walleyes at Alkaline Lake in Kidder County. This one-year study will enhance the understanding of the proportion of fish that anglers harvest each year from Alkaline Lake.

Anglers who catch a tagged fish are encouraged to treat the fish like any other. Whether keeping or releasing the fish, anglers are asked to report tagged fish at the Game and Fish website, gf.nd.gov. If the fish is released, anglers are reminded not to remove the tag.

Signs posted around these lakes with ongoing tagging studies feature a QR code that will take anglers directly to the tagged fish report page on the department’s website.

Anglers May Not Bring Aquatic Bait into North Dakota

Anglers are reminded that it is illegal to import minnows and other forms of live aquatic bait into North Dakota.

Anglers should buy bait from a licensed North Dakota retail bait vendor. Bait vendors can properly identify species and have taken steps to ensure all bait is clean of any aquatic nuisance species.

For more information, refer to the 2018-20 North Dakota Fishing Guide, available at license vendors or online at the state Game and Fish Department website, gf.nd.gov.

Watchable Wildlife Photo Contest

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Watchable Wildlife Photo Contest for 2019 is now open for submissions.

The contest has categories for nongame and game species, as well as plants/insects. An overall winning photograph will be chosen, with the number of place winners in each category determined by the number of qualified entries.

The contest guidelines are the same as in previous years, but the process for submitting photos has changed. This year, photographers will provide information and upload images through the Game and Fish Department website only, at gf.nd.gov/photo-contest.

Contestants are limited to no more than five entries. Photos must have been taken in North Dakota.

By submitting an entry, photographers grant permission to Game and Fish to publish winning photographs in North Dakota OUTDOORS magazine, and on the department’s website.

The deadline for submitting photos is Oct. 1. For more information or questions, contact Patrick Isakson, conservation biologist, at pisakson@nd.gov.