Grand River Roundup

It’s been quite a week. Reub mowed the cemetery at Glendo Saturday afternoon and put the flags up to get it ready for Memorial Day.

By Betty Olson
Guest Columnist

Reub and I went over to the Glendo Cemetery to dig my sister, Judy Amor’s grave after church Sunday afternoon. When we got home I finished writing my sister’s obituary, something I never thought I’d have to do because she was younger than I am and I just figured I’d go first. While we were taking care of those things, Casey, Taz and Trig started trailing the cows to our Horse Creek pasture twenty miles west of here.
The guys got the cows trailed to the Horse Creek pasture the next day and made it home Monday afternoon in time to set up the chute to work the heifers on Tuesday. They worked the heifers Tuesday morning while I baked some things to serve at Judy’s funeral in Bison on Wednesday.
Guy and his youngest son Cass came to the ranch Wednesday morning and brought Reub a pickup load of bolts, nuts and screws that the plant he works for in Gillette just throws away. They stayed for dinner and then we all went to Bison for his Aunt Judy’s burial service.
Judy’s funeral was Wednesday afternoon at Grace Baptist in Bison. Pastor Phil Hahn gave a comforting message at her funeral and Tracy Buer blessed us with some inspirational music. I reminded Tracy that he and his brother Todd are supposed to sing at my funeral, but I hope it won’t be any time soon. My sister had been away from Bison for over forty years and we were amazed at all the people who came to bid her goodbye. We had lunch after the funeral at the Grand Electric social room and got to visit with a lot of folks that we hadn’t seen for a while. Following the lunch, our family members took Judy’s ashes up to bury her at the Glendo Cemetery next to our Aunt Daisy Wilkinson. Lots of relatives and all five of our sons came with some of their family members to help bid goodbye to Judy.
Viola (Swenson) Yohe, age 91, of New Hope, MN, formerly of Bison, passed away May 27 in New Hope. Her funeral was this Sunday at the American Lutheran Church in Bison with burial in the Bison Cemetery next to her husband Bud Yohe. Vi and Bud’s oldest son Lance graduated from high school in Bison with my sister Judy. Our sympathy goes out to Vi’s family.
Reub and I went to Hettinger Thursday afternoon for his appointment with Mary Eggebo and to pick up some parts. When we got home we got to have a short visit with Josh Schwarz who had just brought the beehives to put our in our pasture, just in time to have the honeybees enjoy the flowers on our cherry tree and chokecherry bushes.
Amanda Schuchard came up to help Taz A.I. the heifers Friday morning. After lunch I drove down to Bison to help Judy’s husband, Ken Amor, write out the thank you cards and send some of her memorial cards to family members who couldn’t attend the funeral.
Charlie Fabris, the son of Tom and Kathy Fabris, had surgery on Friday to remove a tumor from his backbone. The large team of surgeons had to open him up from his collar bone to his naval, move his internal organs out of the way to get to the growth. The surgery started at 8:00 in the morning and was scheduled to last into the afternoon, but the tumor was entirely encapsulated and they were able to remove it quickly. Charlie was out of surgery by 10:00 that morning and was up and walking by that evening. Thank God!
Taz went up to help Jace Jenson work his cows on Saturday and Amanda took Copper and Knox up to visit her family while they were working cows. Aunt Kami came down to pick up Copper the day before to help Kami do some gardening. I’ll bet that was fun!
The Regional High School Rodeo was in Buffalo this weekend, so Casey and Trig went in to help at the rodeo. Next weekend Dupree will host the Regional HS Rodeo and the state finals will be in Belle Fourche June 12 through June 15.
Taz killed a rattlesnake this week and brought me the rattles to add to my extensive collection. It isn’t because I like the nasty snakes, but the rattles are kind of like trophies to me. With that, I’ll leave you with this:
A cowboy was trying to buy a health insurance policy and the insurance agent was going down the list of standard questions.
“Ever have an accident?”
“Nope, nary a one.”
“None? You’ve never had any accidents.”
“Nope. Ain’t never had one. Never.”
“Well, you said on this form you were bitten by a snake once. Wouldn’t you consider that an accident?”
“Heck, no. That dang varmint bit me on purpose.”

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