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Sweetwater Golf Course to offer steak dinners

Sweetwater Golf Course will be offering a new service to the community in June — a catering service, which will mainly feature a steak meal, along with some cold beverages.

By Chris Slone

Josh Lindstrom, president at Sweetwater Gold Course, said the major issue around Bowman is the lack of a streak house — an issue the golf course hopes to remedy starting this summer.

“Right now, everyone’s traveling over to Reeder, Marmarth, Ludlow, Dickinson,” Lindstrom said. “Anywhere but here.”

Sweetwater Golf Course has decided to partner with the Pastime Club & Steakhouse in Marmarth to offer steak dinners on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the month of June. If everything goes according to plan, the golf course will offer catered dinners Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer. If one night seems to work better than the other, then the golf course will go down to one night a week throughout the summer.

“It’ll be a steak night because if you want a hamburger, there’s plenty of places for that. If you want a chicken sandwich, there’s plenty of places for that,” Lindstrom said. “We want to have something that’s not everywhere else.

“This is also somewhere you can take the whole family. Other places, if one of the bars are cleared off, you can’t take your 15-year-old son or your 8-year-old daughter, and go have a steak or a meal and still have a drink. This will be a little different service than what everybody else is providing.”

According to Lindstrom, if the catered meals becomes a success, having a year around place to eat at the golf course isn’t out of the question. However, Lindstrom said the main emphasis is to provide Bowman with a steakhouse and this is a short-term solution.

Lindstrom said it was a win-win situation for the Pastime and Sweetwater Golf Course. The golf course is city owned and receives approximately $20,000 a year from the city to maintain and run the golf course.

“What we are offering through this catering service is a free building with no rent, overhead, no gas, no electricity. This is just a no brainer,” Lindstrom said. “So, they are going to make some money and the golf course is going to make some money, and then the community is happy.”

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