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How to protect yourself against scammers

Scammers are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Whether it’s online, in person or over the phone, there are a plethora of ways individuals are being scammed every day.

By Chris Slone

Luckily, there are also professional who are taking the time to educated the population on the latest techniques and trends of today’s scammers. Recently, one of those professionals conducted a seminar in Bowman on the threat scammers possess.

“I hope we are able to empower investors with knowledge on how to protect themselves and loved ones,” Liz Quissell, financial advisor for Edward Jones, said.

Quissell said the goal is to teach people some of the sophisticated ways scammers will target people.

According to Quissell, scammers pry on individual’s emotions. Certain scammers even utilize software that make calls appear to originate from local numbers, when in reality, they are originating from foreign countries.

“Scammers are becoming more and more tech savvy,” Quissell said. “It’s important that we are always one step ahead of them to protect ourselves.”

Quissell said everyone should know who to contact if they are suspicious. They are different agencies that can assist individuals and protect them from scammers. People can contact the attorney general, guidestar.com and the Better Business Bureau.

Quissell said it’s important to keep your personal information in a secure location at home and contact your financial advisor if you have any questions.

“We’re here to help. Edward Jones has a full team of professionals dedicated to nothing but fraud protection,” Quissell said. “So, if you ever suspect something, we can help you.”

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