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Combat Raider 19-2 Scheduled for May 14-16

Combat Raider, a military exercise involving various aircraft, is scheduled to begin May 14 in parts of the Powder River Training Complex and Temporary Rushmore Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace, and will conclude May 16.

Combat Raider provides joint and coalition training under realistic scenarios that support full spectrum operations against modern threats and replicate today’s combat operations.

During this period, people living under the following PRTC military operations areas can expect to see multiple types of aircraft utilizing the areas simultaneously:

– Powder River One

– Powder River Two – Powder River Three – Powder River Four – Gaps A, B and C

The Temporary Rushmore ATCAA will be above PRTC up to FL510 (approximately 51,000 feet).

There is also potential for loud noises associated with sonic booms. All bomber supersonic activities will occur more than 20,000 feet above mean sea level and all transient fighter supersonic activity will occur more than 10,000 feet above ground level. People living under Powder River Two, Powder River Three, and Gap B should expect to be affected, however, sonic boom activity is possible throughout the entire PRTC.

A map of the airspace is available for reference on the Ellsworth AFB website at

As a reminder, non-military aircraft should thoroughly review the Federal Aviation Administration’s Notices to Airmen, or NOTAMs, and review flight plans to avoid these areas and altitudes where aircraft will be participating. This can be done by calling 1-800-WXBRIEF, or visiting online at and

The NOTAMs for the exercise, issued by the FAA 72 hours prior to its start, will act as the final official notice.

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