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Able recycles 825,000 pounds of aluminum cans over last 32 years

L to R in the back – Hunter Zacher, Josh Zacher of Baker Metal & Recycling, Megan Walser, Glenn Hawn, Donna Bolte, Beth Joppa, Randa Peterson, Carolynne Jones. L to R in the back – Sierra Schoeneman, Shawn Orcutt, and David Hippe. Photo Submitted

ABLE, Inc. began their aluminum recycling business May 1, 1987 out of their old location in the former Cedar Chest building.

Staff Report

They contracted with Reggie Robertson of R&N Hide & Fur in Hettinger, ND.  Dave Nygaard set aside space on his land — where The Landing apartment building is now located — for Reggie to park a semi-trailer and Steve Pfau gave his old pickup to ABLE to haul the cans to the trailer. The Arc, Little Missouri, Inc., purchased a small shed to weigh and store cans before transporting them. Ken Woodley moved this same shed to ABLE’s current Main Street location at no cost.

ABLE then contracted with McQuade-Dietrich in 1993 and the can crusher machine Reggie had was brought to Bowman.  When Waste Management bought out McQuade-Dietrich, ABLE contracted with them until 2016.  In August of that year, a new contract was signed with Baker Metal & Recycling with a location here in Bowman. Shawn Orcutt, Recycling Department Head, Glenn Hawn, Assistant Department Head, Jeffery Pearson, Recycling employee, and Carolynne Jones, Director of Satellite Services in Bowman and Hettinger, toured the Baker site with Lee Moore and saw first-hand the “bundled” aluminum cans recycled right here in Bowman.  Impressive indeed!

Able is grateful to all the patrons over these last 32 years for recycling over 825,000 pounds of aluminum cans and of course to Senator (and former governor) Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin for his vision and legislation for Earth Day which started April 22, 1970.

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