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Widow Supper

On March 24, junior and senior volunteers of St. Charles and St. Mel’s parish hosted an evening of fine food and entertainment for the widows of our parish. 

By Barbi Narum

We have hosted this event for six years! The students helped with everything from planning and organizing, to decorating, preparing a fine meal, as well as entertainment for the evening.

The young men who helped include D. J. Martian, Conner Buchholz, Andrew Narum, Beau Jeffers, Jacob Hendrickson, Ethan Fischer, Moritz Melzer and Eli Heyen. The young ladies of our parish who shared their time and talents include Shelby Schmalz, Emily Belland, Maury Burke, Michaela Fischer, Alexius Miller, Gabby Madrigal, Ashlynn Dix, Elise Fischer, and Anna S. Fernadez. A special thanks to our musical entertainment Michaela Fischer, Ethan Fischer and Amy Jeffers.  We thank Dr. Jennifer Sheffield and Beth Reiten for speaking to the youth and widows and to Greg Wolf who cooked a fabulous meal as well as Amanda Njos who helped with decorating.