Community Editor's Picks

National Public Health Week, April 1-7

Kayla Pauley RN, Barb Maychrzak RN are your Bowman/Slope Public Health Nurses.

There are still many people in the communities that are not sure what Public Health dose and for whom.

The nurses would like to address some of the myths about Public health.

#1 Myth: Public Health is just for low income people.

Fact: Public health is for everyone! Some programs such as WIC, Health tracks and Women’s Way are income or age eligible; but many other programs such as Health Maintenance, School health, Immunizations, Tobacco Prevention and cessation, Postpartum visits, and Environmental health are for everyone in need of the particular service.

#2 Myth: I have to get my child’s vaccinations at the clinic.

Fact: Following up with your child’s pediatrician is a must; however, if your child needs immunizations between clinic visits or your child was not able to get immunizations while at the clinic due to illness, Public Health has all the childhood and adult vaccines available at our office.

#3 Myth: I have to make an appointment to see the PH nurse.

Fact: Appointments are appreciated but not mandatory. We encourage calling first in the event we are out of the office. Our number is: 701-523-3144

#4 Myth: Public Health is just for Moms and babies.

Fact: There are programs for all ages. Barb Maychrzak, RN, goes to Senior Centers in Bowman and Slope counties on a monthly basis. Here she visits with the seniors about health related topics, medication concerns, provides health education, and does health screenings. Barn is an excellent resource and referral nurse.

To learn more about Public Health stop in or call the office at 523-3144. We are located in the upper level of the courthouse in Bowman.