God Answers Prayer

Once when I was deer hunting with some of my brothers and nephews, a brother lost a glove in a vast CRP field. The grass was lush and tall in this field and I thought there is no way he could ever find his glove again. Nonetheless we backtracked and started to search for his missing glove. After a few minutes of looking without success, my brother said, “I’m going to say an Our Father and see if that helps”.

Fr. Paul Eberle
Special Contributor

He was no more than halfway through the prayer when he found his glove laying in the thick grass! Was this a coincidence? Some might say so, but my brother did not think so, nor did I. God is always looking out for us, even with something as inconsequential as a lost hand glove.

This prayer that was answered had the effect of strengthening my brother’s, and my own, trust in God’s closeness and care for our everyday concerns. God wants us to talk to him about every little thing, not only the major issues of our life, like finding of a job, a spouse, a healing from illness, or in navigating family problems, or dealing with grief due to the loss of a loved one.

Those are times to pray to God too, for sure, but what about talking to God about getting a good night’s sleep, for the healing of a stubbed toe that you jammed against the leg of the bed, or for your homemade bread to turn out perfectly next time. When we get into the habit of talking to God all day about all things going on within and around us, we will notice our hearts becoming more attuned to God’s voice and presence in our life. By the way, God does have time for you.

Maybe you already knew that, but I want to assure you that you can never bother God too much. In fact, he likes to be “interrupted”, so to speak, to help you and show you he loves you and is working for your good. It is a temptation, however, especially when life is not going as we planned and we have encountered disappointment or tragedy, to think that God does not care and has lost interest in looking out for us. Deep down we may know that is not true, but honestly, sometimes it might seem like it is, that God just does not care anymore. The next time a thought of that sort comes into your mind and heart, remember Jesus’ crucifixion and death on the cross.

To many it seemed that all was lost. It seemed God the loving Father “gave up” on his Son and gave up on us. NOT SO! God raised Jesus to life three days after Good Friday, on Easter Sunday morning. God will raise us up, too, out of the pain and troubles we experience here and now. Turn to the Cross of Jesus and put your faith in God who can give life after death! Pray to God, talk to God simply and honestly, anytime and anywhere, about the big things and the little things in life. God loves us so much and cannot wait to answer our prayers. God is always listening, are we?