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Rehab Visions to expand services

2019 looks promising for Rehab Visions and Southwest Healthcare.

By Chris Slone

A partnership that began Dec. 1, 2018, Rehab Visions is a family-owned therapy company based out of Omaha, Nebraska. According to the Director of Rehabilitation Jennifer Jahner, the company offers a wealth of information and support within the therapy realm.

“They offer education, resources,” Jahner said. “This is just a network that is right at your fingertips. It’s a big network of experts and if you need to reach out to them, you can. That is what we have felt here the most — the network of therapists.”

Since Rehab Visions began providing services to Southwest Healthcare, the expansion of those benefits are continually being felt in the community as the organization continues to provide continuing education classes for its therapists.

“Rehab Visions has a nice continuing education package that we can go and get trained on these newer things,” Jahner said.

Jahner said she is hoping in the next year to be able to expand some of the services that they are able to provide.

One of those services Jahner talked about was becoming certified in dry needling, which is another treatment option for muscle spasms. Jahner said the treatment releases the muscles and is different than acupuncture.

“You have to be certified to provide the treatment,” Jahner said. “We’re hoping to get certified in (dry needling) this summer. Dry needling is a very new treatment option. Not many people do it. A lot of therapists need to get certified in it before being able to provide it.

“That will be huge because it’s a great treatment option for sports medicine, for post-surgical type patients. I’m really excited to learn more about dry needling. I think it’s going to be a huge asset to all of the other tools that we already provide.”

Jahner said occupational therapy will be able to offer some additional services, which includes wound care.

“We’re hoping to be able to expand our services while still providing what we have provided in the past,” Jahner said.

According to Jahner, they still provide their therapy services — physical, occupational and speech — to Southwest Healthcare and its long-term care unit.

There is also a swing bed available at the hospital. If someone has a stroke or a joint replacement, and needs extra assistance, they could qualify for the swing bed.

Jahner said with the expanded services, area residences won’t have to travel to get the care they need.

“Staying home is not only crucial for the elderly population because they don’t have to travel — even young people don’t want to travel in this weather — so being able to provide those services right here gives us a more well-rounded healthcare system to be able to continue to provide the therapy services that people need to recover and being able to stay home in their homes,” Jahner said.

For anyone interested in physical, occupational or speech therapy, call 701-523-7848 to setup an appointment.