Life on The Outside

Snow is gently wafting down, and the sun is out, which is gorgeous, if a person can put out of his mind the 12 inches+ of the white stuff that has accumulated on the ground.

Yvonne Stegner
Special Contributor

The birds swarming my birdhouse are ecstatic that the snow has blown off their food, and they now can access the morsels that were previously buried by cold mounds of precipitation.

Thanks to the generosity of a kind soul, those little birds will know where to find food in future. I was blessed by peace when someone dropped off THREE-20# bags of bird food at the back door. Being on a very limited fixed income, I was distressed by the thought of “what to do” when my bag got to the bottom. I believe, once again, that our Heavenly Father is demonstrating His concern for His creatures on earth.

I am thankful that I can detect some motion/sign of life in my right leg and foot, which were previously dead to me. Not much activity, but again “slow progress is better than no progress”. After being motionless following the stroke 4+ years ago, I rejoice and give thanks for any sign of activity I notice.

One day I Timothy 4:15 unexplainably popped into my mind. I looked it up in the Bible app on my iPad and read “Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all” (KJV). A direct message to me!

I was reminded that there are blessings all around us: we just need to be aware of them. I witnessed one as I watched my daughter try to leave for work in the wee hours of the morning. Her car couldn’t back through the snow behind her vehicle, and a city snow removal person saw her plight. He/she lowered the snow removal blade, and with one pass, her car had a clear path to the street.

Thanks to God for good neighbors too. They recognized the possibility that this wheelchair and its operator might need to leave the house, and they shoveled the snow from my ramp and the path to my daughter’s handicapped-accessible minivan. What a workout! And what peace-of-mind for me. I have been the recipient of other kind gestures of snow removal in the past, and all are greatly appreciated.

“Life on the Outside” continues to be a life I love. Even though I choose to stay inside the warm house most of these wintry days, I am content knowing it is my choice, and that I am responsible for making safe decisions regarding going outdoors. When I venture out, I am happy to see familiar, friendly faces, and delight in being greeted by them at times. Though I am handicapped, life feels almost normal again – the first time in years. God is good!