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Bowman County School District represented at State Capitol

Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Brosz were selected to attend the 2019 ND K12 Technology Showcase at the North Dakota State Capital. Kindergartners Abigail Burke and Megan Brosz presented Alive Studios to Governor Burgum, State Superintendent Baesler, and members of the North Dakota State Legislation. (Photo Submitted)

Amy Burke, a kindergarten teacher at Bowman County, applied for a $2,500 grant to improve the quality education provided to her students.

By Chris Slone

Burke was awarded that grant through Continental Cares. The grant helped Bowman County purchase an interactive teaching board to help improve the quality of education being provided to the students — the days of chalk boards are more suited for historical exhibits.

Since that time, the state of North Dakota held a technology showcase, which was a spinoff of the original grant.

“We applied for it and we got accepted to go,” Burke said. “Mr. (Mitch) Strand, Mrs. (Kelsey) Brosz and I, along with two kindergarten students, went to the capital and showcased what a Live Studios was.”

Burke said the experience was amazing. The governor, Doug Burgum, spent approximately 7-10 minutes at their table.

“The governor was absolutely amazing,” Burke said.

The two students who attended were Megan Brosz and Abigail Burke.

“The governor was engaged with what the girls were doing and the girls would ask him questions,” Kelsey Brosz said.

The students used the interactive board and showed the governor how it worked. They showed him how a dolphin moved. The students asked the governor’s favorite color and then changed the dolphin’s color to blue.

“They would turn it into a science aspect, like does the dolphin run. And he would chuckle and say no. The dolphin would shake his head no. Does the dolphin swim? Then the dolphin would start swimming,” Burke said.

While they were at the state capital, Burke said they bumped into a senator from Grand Forks who went out of his way to take the girls on the senate floor and make their experience even more unbelievable.

“He really showed the girls how everything was run and the rules that they have to follow, and the buttons they have to push if they would like to speak. He went through everything,” Brosz said.

Burke said the two girls loved every minute of the experience. They brought extra coloring sheets and different items to entertain the girls in case they needed them. However, Burke said they didn’t need a single item to entertain the girls.