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Violent offender apprehended in Bowman

Pedro Martinez was apprehended Thursday, Feb. 21, a block from the Community Cupboard in Bowman.

By Chris Slone

According to Bowman County Sheriff Frank Eberle, Martinez had a probation, extraditable warrant from Nevada. Sgt. Doug Langhoff noted Martinez outside, shoveling snow from a vehicle in the street.

“We went over there and was able to affect the arrest of the individual without incident,” Eberle said.

Martinez is being transported to Southwest Multicounty Correctional Center in Dickenson for extradition back to Nevada.

Langhoff, along with Eberle and Shaine Towe of the Bowman County Sheriff’s office and Bowman City Police Chief Charles Headley, made the arrest.

The Nevada Probation Patrol reached out to the Bowman County Sheriff’s Department about Martinez.

“We had been actively watching for Martinez to catch him out in the open because he’s a violent offender,” Eberle said.