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Teacher retention program approved for two years

The Bowman County School Board approved the “Teacher Retention Program” Monday, Feb. 16, at the regular board meeting.

By Chris Slone

Associated Superintendent Steve Brannan said the board authorized a $1,000 payment to qualified teachers to be paid directly to the principal on their student loans. Brannan said there are 10 teachers that qualify for the program, although two others have indicated they have loans but Brannan didn’t have any specific information to verify their status.

The program is scheduled for two years. The amount in year two will depend on the number of eligible candidates and the amount of funds remaining from the $25,000 cap.

The school board approved a version of the program Monday, Jan. 14, which included the cap of $25,000.

The Bowman County School District received a $25,000 donation from Darrell E. Bowman at the beginning of the school year. Brannan said the donation came with no strings attached or special designation.

Brannan said the purpose of the program is to provide some assistance to the current staff so they will in turn, honor their commitment at Bowman County Schools.

“If you want your academic programs to do well and your activity programs to continue to grow and become more outstanding, then you retain staff,” Brannan said.