Wrestlers Qualify Individually for State Tournament

The Bowman County Beach wrestlers took to the mat one last time before the State Tournament and wrestled this past weekend in Hettinger at the Region 4 Individual Tournament. 

Staff Report

The Bowman County Beach wrestlers finished the tournament in 2nd place behind New Salem-Almont.  Bowman County Beach wrestled seven in the finals with Clay Mattern, Mitch Stuber and Beau Jeffers finishing as Region 4 Champions.  The team qualified 13 individual wrestlers to the State Tournament.

106# Cade Martian (24-15) placed 4th

Quarterfinal – Cade Martian won by a 9-6 decision over Mason Mellmer (Beulah-Hazen)

Cade Martian lost by a 9-1 decision to  Gus Bohmbach (Killdeer)

3rd Place Match – Cole Gerhardt (New Salem-Almont) won by medical forfeit over Cade Martian

113# Austin Wanner place 5th

Quarterfinal – Austin Wanner lost by a fall in :38 to Cody Simmons (Killdeer)

Cons. Semi – Austin Wanner lost by a tech fall 21-5 to Connor Bosch (Beulah-Hazen)

5th Place Match – Austin Wanner (Bowman County) 1-8 received a bye () (Bye)

120# Alex Madrigal (7-2) placed 2nd.

Semifinal – Alex Madrigal won by a 7-0 decision over Conner Andress (Hettinger/Scranton)

1st Place Match – Alex Madrigal lost in a 6-2 decision to Clay Gerhardt (New Salem-Almont) 41-2

126# DJ Martian (10-14) placed 2nd

Semifinal – DJ Martian won by a 11-3 major decision over Mason Olander (New Salem-Almont)

1st Place Match – DJ Martian lost by a fall in 1:49 to Kyle Burwick (Hettinger/Scranton) 50-0

132# Tucker Strand (18-8) placed 3rd

Semifinal – Tucker Strand lost by a fall in 5:05 to Cade Warbis (Hettinger/Scranton)

3rd Place Match – Tucker Strand won by a fall in :28 over Tate Simmons (Killdeer)

138# Brody Headley (13-28) placed 4th

Quarterfinal – Brody Headley won by a 6-2 decision over Shad Agard (Standing Rock)

Semifinal – Brody Headley lost by a fall in 3:47 to Carlos Martinez (Hettinger/Scranton)

3rd Place Match – Brody Headey lost by a 9-3 decision to Ethan Hammons (New Salem-Almont) 38-13

145# Jacoby Mattern (23-14) placed 3rd

Semifinal – Jacoby Mattern lost in an 8-7 decision to Ezra Weichmann (Hettinger/Scranton) 29-23

3rd Place Match – Jacoby Mattern won in sudden victory 8-6 over Jayden Ybarra (Alexander)

152# Riley Frieze (12-19) placed 3rd

Semifinal – Riley Frieze lost by a major decision 13-1 toTy Warbis (Hettinger/Scranton)

Cons. Semi – Riley Frieze won by a 16-4 major decision over Ashton Frei (Killdeer)

3rd Place Match – Riley Frieze won by a fall in 1:46 over Trevin Sago (Beulah-Hazen)

160# Jacob Ruggles (29-16) placed 2nd

Semifinal – Jacob Ruggles won by a 2-1 decision over Tristan Pekas (Hettinger/Scranton)

1st Place Match – Jacob Ruggles lost in a 13-6 decision to Zach Andersen (Killdeer) 40-10

170# Clayton Mattern (39-5) placed 1st

Semifinal – Clayton Mattern won by a fall in 1:25 over Aaron Ripplinger (Beulah-Hazen)

1st Place Match – Clayton Mattern won by a fall in 3:12 over Lane Doll (New Salem-Almont)

182# Tyson Mattern placed 3rd

Semifinal – Tyson Mattern lost by a fall in :54 to Isaiah Huus (New Salem-Almont)

3rd Place Match – Tyson Mattern won by a fall in 2:07 over Levi Rychner (Killdeer)

195# Mitch Stuber (30-12) placed 1st

Semifinal – Mitch Stuber won by a fall in:34  over Keaton Smith (New Salem-Almont)

1st Place Match – Mitch Stuber won in sudden victory 6-4 over Carlton Turnquist (Alexander)

220# Beau Jeffers (43-4) placed 1st

Semifinal – Beau Jeffers won by a fall in:35 over Ethan Jepson (Killdeer)

1st Place Match – Beau Jeffers won by a fall in 1:32 over Adam Morman (New Salem-Almont)


Nate Boehm (27-15) placed 2nd

Semifinal – Nate Boehm won by a fall in 1:14 over AJ Heins (New Salem-Almont)

1st Place Match – Nate Boehm lost by a fall in 1:56 to Curtis Hall (Killdeer) 37-10

Bowman County Beach Wrestlers Qualify for State as a Dual Team