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Public Statement on the announcement of Shopko

On February 6, 2019 it was announced that our local Bowman Shopko along with 250 other stores nationwide would be closing their doors. Many people have looked to the Bowman County Development Corporation for updates and we would like to address the announcement.

Terran Doerr
Bowman County Economic Development Director

We fully understand the impact this could have on our local economy. Shopko has been a great generator of business in our community and serves as a feeder business to our local businesses. Not only will we see an impact on our economy, but a direct impact on community members as Shopko employs 16 area residents.

We will continue to remain proactive in our efforts and appreciate the efforts from our community. We will continue to support local petitions, and will send a letter to headquarters with support from the City and County to inform them of the stores importance in the area and to ask for consideration in taking Bowman off their close list.

We have been in contact with the owners of the building and they indicated that they still hold a lease agreement with Shopko, and with the company being in bankruptcy their hands are tied. An example of this is when it changed hands from Alco to Shopko. Until the process is completed with the bankruptcy court, no action can be taken. Shopko stores that were able to remain open are largely credited to rent reduction; however, the owner indicated that was not an option for our store.

Please let our office know if you have any additional questions. We will continue to keep you informed as we find out more.