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Bowman County FFA members are awarded FFA Jackets

Recently nine members of the Bowman County FFA chapter were awarded FFA Jackets of their own through a sponsorship program organized by the North Dakota FFA Foundation. 

Mitch Stuber,
Bowman County FFA reporter

Two hundred and sixty students across the state received their very own FFA jacket through generous donations to the ND FFA Foundation’s “Blue Jackets, Bright Futures” program.  Donors and corporate sponsors from across ND provided the funds that will start FFA freshman members on the path to success to develop their personal leadership skills and strengthen the agricultural industry.  Donors included former state FFA officers, current FFA members, businesses, and individuals who chose to give jackets in memory FFA members and loved ones who’ve passed. 

The program is designed to support FFA members by the donation of an official FFA jacket of their own.  Each member that applies for a jacket must complete an application explaining their need and desire for an FFA jacket and explain how a jacket could help benefit their FFA career.

The FFA jacket is a symbol of pride and tradition for all FFA members.  It is more then a uniform, it is the most important part of our official dress.  Today, there are over 670,000 FFA members in the United States making it the largest student organization in the United States.  The Blue Jackets Bright Futures Program began back in 2006 when 47 jackets were given away.

Abby Andrews, Jayda Miller, Cheyenne Dodge, Shayna Pond, Brady Hendrickson, Cade Martian, Quaid Lardy, Ben Knopp, and Levi Kelly were the recipients of the Blue Jackets, Bright Futures program.  All were selected out of applications that were submitted to the ND FFA Foundation to receive jackets through the “Blue Jackets, Bright Futures” campaign.

Congratulations to all members on their being selected to receive their personalized FFA jackets!  If you or someone you know would be interested in donating a jacket, please contact Mrs. Fischer at the school or the ND FFA Foundation.