Mainspace to welcome collaborators

Mainspace will be a new community conference, education, and technology center opening in Bowman County Development Corporation’s (BCDC) space. The BCDC received a $99,500 USDA Grant for funding with a completion date set in October 2019.

Staff Report

This space will assist with the development of small and emerging businesses by providing affordable access to technology, space for entrepreneurs and businesses, and offering job training, professional development, and educational opportunities.

Mainspace will offer collaborative spaces for everyone, whether it is a team meeting or a private couch to sit and work where you want. With the latest technology and amenities small start-ups and entrepreneurs will have access to everything from a copier, to Wi-fi, to a coffee maker.

An additional asset to the community the space will provide support for small businesses. By creating a culture of supporting small business we will see successful entrepreneurism in Bowman County and beyond.

Access to education is one of the primary resources start-ups and entrepreneurs are seeking to grow not only their company but themselves. In our rural region, we are often at a disadvantage. With technology, the sky is the limit. Access to education becomes easier without the costs and time associated with travel.

Culture is a huge part of making the entrepreneurial ecosystem come alive. A community’s attitude and energy towards collaboration and competition, and its enthusiasm for entrepreneurship are what sparks and creates success in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. A strong ecosystem is like fuel for entrepreneurial growth. Entrepreneurism will struggle without a culture of collaboration, cooperation, and trust that inspires people to move quickly, help each other, and be open to fresh ideas.

This space would offer ease of access to our areas best resources for business start-ups including a Small Business Development Center, Economic Development Office and Chamber of Commerce right in the same space.

Today’s modern employee is looking for something different. This vibrant workspace can serve as a huge asset in millennial attraction.

Workforce recruitment and retention, primarily 21st Century Workforce, is not going away as a primary concern for rural cities. Today’s labor force is seeking more opportunities for professional growth, choosing flexible careers, seeking modern workspaces, and looking for chances to network with other like-minded professionals. With this comes rural communities’ need to try to help address these issues.