School board approves staff retention program

The Bowman County School board approved the staff retention scholarship program Monday, Jan. 14, which included a cap of $25,000. The vote was unanimous.

By Chris Slone

Associate Superintendent Steve Brannon said the purpose of the program is to provide some assistance to the current staff so they will in turn, honor their commitment at Bowman County Schools.

Brannon recommended an amount of $1,100 for each teacher in the program and said this could be a two or three-year program with the current funds.

After a debate by the board, the length of the program and the dollar amount was not included in the motion.

“I understand that the board has to be sensitive to tax-payer dollars, but I do you believe you can use other funds available to a school district that directly impact staff — teachers, counselors, it doesn’t matter,” Brannon said. “We can have a resource to grow your own in North Dakota.”

According to Brannon, there are currently eight teachers that would qualify for the program this year. To be eligible, a teacher had to work in the school district the previous year and not have any negative reviews — disciplinary actions or improvement plans. New teachers aren’t eligible this year, but would be eligible in the fall.

In October, the Bowman County School District received a $25,000 donation from Darrell E. Bowman. The donation came with no strings attached and no special designation. That gift is being used to fund this program.