Life on The Outside

The air outside is brisk quite often, keeping me inside the comfortably warm house more often than not.

Yvonne Stegner
Special Contributor

Outings on mild days to the bank, the nearby grocery store, and the drug store are sufficing for now. I’m such a wimp, not wanting to get chilled, and the power wheelchair just can’t move as fast as an ambulatory person.

I am rejoicing in the increasing abilities in my right hand and arm. Improvement is painstakingly slow, but I continue to remind myself that “SLOW progress is better than NO progress.” When I was admitted to a nursing home in late 2015, I couldn’t move those right extremities, and 3 years later, I can execute simple tasks with those body parts, as well as drive this power chair. Daughter Maren surprisingly noticed the increased strength demonstrated by my right arm. I can’t yet wrap gifts beautifully, but I am able to both open the front door to welcome visitors and simultaneously back away so they may enter. God is good!

While perusing a devotion about a family whose home burned to the ground while they were on vacation, I was reminded of the ways my own family has been blessed by so many over the years. My 39-year-old husband had a heart attack in 2002, a wildfire raced through our farm 6 years later, consuming everything but the house, barn, and shop, which were saved thanks to the firefighters and many friends & neighbors. Our home burned down 3 years following that, and a stroke felled me after another 3 years, at age 49. After each occurrence love was poured out to members of our family in countless ways. SW ND is a wonderful place to call home!

I take pleasure in the activity of the birds feeding excitedly at the birdhouse hanging outside my living room window. I am reminded of Matthew 6.26, which states “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?”

Since I am trying to live on what Social Security Disability pays me, I don’t have any extra funds at my disposal. However, I have learned that giving away money to worthy charities is easier when a person has less. One reason may be because that 10% tithe to the church is so much smaller. Something I will ponder…

The van that transports me wherever I wish to venture appears to have an electrical issue. Reluctantly I summoned the local service station to check into it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the van arrived back seemingly moments later. As I was informed, a battery cable had just gotten loose. No expensive repair required. In fact, no charge. Yet another miracle has happened. Thank you, Jesus!

As the snowflakes float down, I continue to feel contented with my life these days. Instead of dwelling on what I cannot do, I focus on what I CAN do. And this wimp chooses to stay inside where the climate is warm, and appreciate the sight of the snow flurries drifting through the air outside