Empowering leaders redifines leadership

Leader can be a daunting word. Most people associate it with only big things; leading a company, president of an organization, or bosses. Truthfully, people step into leadership roles regularly and don’t even realize it. 

Staff Report

Individuals that are learning, empowering others to be or do better and contributing positively to the community around them are leaders. The 2019 Empowering Leaders program will redefine the perception of leader beginning on January 22. Each of the seven programs offered throughout the year will focus on further developing skills, provide applicable learning, and create a unique way to engage in our community.

Each year has a selected theme, but the overall strategic focus is on leadership. Empowering Leaders cultivates individuals interested and prepared to step into leadership roles and those who are leaders. Empowering Leaders also provides a platform for integrating into the community by creating opportunities to connect, build relationships and become involved.

The group meets in locations throughout the community on the fourth Tuesday of selected months throughout the year. This is just one way that the membership can become more familiar with the community. Lunch is provided at each session as part of your membership or session registration.

Empowering Leaders drives Burgers in the Park that occurs throughout the summer. Each year members of Empowering Leaders look forward to collaborating with a variety of organizations in the community to create a time for neighbors and friends to gather. 

Empowering Leaders is a program of Bowman County Development Corporation and is led by a steering committee. For additional information Empowering Leaders or to sign up, please contact Laura at 701.523.5880 or at