Sarsland named Foundation winner

Caleb Sarsland (left) and Dana Eagon (right) (Photo by Chris Slone)

His dad is his mentor. He has spent his fair share of time helping his father and grandpa on their ranches — and now — Caleb Sarsland is eager to own his own cows.

By Chris Slone

“I would like to see what it would be like to fill out papers, see the liabilities, assets and profits, work the cows, see them raise their calves, feed them, and receive the checks,” Sarsland said in an essay to Dakota Community Bank and Trust as part of the Foundation Female Program.

Sarsland, an eighth grader, was named the 2018 Foundation Female Winner.

“My short-term goals are to start a herd of cattle and slowly grow,” Sarsland said in the essay. “I would also like to learn more about cows. My long-term goals are to pay off the loan. I would like to establish a herd of cows and use the money to help pay for college and become a rancher someday.”

Dakota Community Bank and Trust introduced the Foundation Female program in the fall of 2013 to help area youth get started in the beef industry. The Foundation Female Program offers 0 percent APR to purchase five bred heifers and assist area youth in establishing their own cattle herd.

Youth currently enrolled in seventh or eighth grade, and at least 13 years old — by the application deadline — are eligible to apply.

Curt Sarsland, Caleb’s father, wrote a letter to Dakota Community and Trust Bank outlining how Caleb plans on fulfilling his new-found responsibility.

Caleb would have a summer pasture available for gazing, a large barn for working the cattle and calving, equipment for haying and maintaining the facilities and fence along with forage for winter feed. In addition, Caleb would have the mentorship of Curt and his grandpa.

As far as the expenses of owning the cattle, Caleb would keep track of the hours he worked during haying, caring for livestock and working on the ranch. The expenses would be deducted from his pay.

“(My dad) has taught me so much and there is a lot more to learn,” Caleb said. “

He teaches me life skills, has taught me about the cows, working cows, moving cows, calving, tagging calves, how to run equipment, maintenance for the equipment, fencing, driving and everything I need to know on the ranch.”

For more information on the Foundation Female Program or questions on the application process, contact Katie Eggen in Dickinson at 701-227-400 or Dana Eagon in Bowman at 701-523-9000.

“Dakota Community Bank and Trust would like to achieve through this program a way to help the youth in ranching agriculture,” Eagon said. “It’s an opportunity to build for their future.”