Eberle sworn in as Sheriff

On Monday, Dec. 31, Frank Eberle was sworn in as the new sheriff of Bowman County at the courthouse.

By Chris Slone

“This is a very special day for me,” Eberle said. “My father is retired law enforcement and replacing a man of 24 years, Rory Teigen who is a mentor of mine is tremendously exciting. The brass that I had put on my collar today was Rory Teigen’s. Being my mentor, that was tremendous to me.”

Since he was elected in November, Eberle has already met with the current staff at the sheriff’s department. He has also hired two new deputy sheriffs.

Jason Bullis is an eight-year veteran police officer from Bismarck and Shaine Towe is a five-year veteran police officer.

Eberle said the department is operating at 100 percent. The part-time position has been eliminated, leaving three full-time deputy sheriffs and the sheriff.

“Right now, we are focused highly on the narcotics issue,” Eberle said.

According to Eberle, he hired Towe to work scales and other narcotic issues.

“He’ll be paid half from the road department and half from the sheriff’s office,” Eberle said. “He’s excited about that. So, we’ll be doing some weights type of enforcement to protect our county roads.”

Eberle wants the residents of Bowman county to know they’re in good hands with the new sheriff’s department.

“I will do my very best to look after their best interest,” Eberle said. “I always have an open-door policy. Like I said, we’re going to immediately move into the narcotics issue and get a handle on it in this community.”