A Small Token of Appreciation

Chris Slone (Submitted Photo)

When I was younger, I was a huge wrestling fan. Every Monday night. Every pay-per-view. If there was a wrestling event scheduled, I was watching.

By Chris Slone

I was even fortunate to meet one of my wrestling idols several years ago. I still have the picture — hmm, somewhere — to commemorate the occasion.

So, now it’s only fitting that I have two children that love watching wrestling. And after several years of not paying attention to anything that’s happened between the squared circle, this past year we’ve watched more and more WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) as my children have continued to show an interest.

My 3-year-old runs around shouting “burn it down,” which might not necessarily show the best parenting skills, but for anyone who knows the situation, then they know that Seth Rollins is one of his favorite wrestlers and my 3-year-old knows when Rollins is about to win the match, so he joins the crowd in shouting, “burn it down.”

Ok, there is a point to writing a column about wrestling. It’s not to just talk about how awesome the storylines or plots are, which half the time they don’t make sense. But that’s a different discussion on a different day.

I stopped watching wrestling many years ago, until my 7-year-old wanted to try it this past year. With that being said, I didn’t realize that the WWE held a special, once a year event for our military. It was a two-hour show where the top superstars held matches. Afterward, many of them spoke to the men and women in uniform — not just in attendance, but around the world.

The unifying message was this: while WWE superstars are often held as heroes or champions, it’s the men and women who serve this country that are the real heroes and the real champions.

This annual event has been occurring for the past 16 years and it’s something that should be applauded. It’s a small gestor of gratitude to show our servicemen and women that we value the sacrifices they make for our liberties and our freedoms.

It was a special event and one I was glad I watched. It’s the first time in 16 years I realized the WWE held this event, but I guarantee I’ll watch it again next year.