Brannon offers faculty retention proposal

Earlier in the school year, Bowman County received a gift of $25,000. Associate Superintendent Steve Brannon immediately began requesting those funds be used to help retain current staff at the Bowman County Schools.

By Chris Slone

Brannon began looking at ways to use that money to help current teachers with their student loans. Brannon has now submitted a proposal — called the faculty retention proposal — to the school board.

The school board indicated their interest and desire for this program. However, they wanted to see a written agreement or contract that would accompany the proposal. Brannan told the school board he would have one ready to submit by the regular meeting in January.

In the proposal, Brannon is requesting $1,100 to go toward a teacher’s student loan bill upon successful completion of a year’s teaching contract. The teacher would have had to complete the 2017-2018 school year and sign a contract for the 2019-2020 school year. Brannon did say a teacher on an improvement plan or any other disciplinary action wouldn’t be eligible.

Brannon estimated less than 10 current teachers would qualify at this time. Although he estimated that number could be as much as 12 next year.

Brannon said he his limiting the proposal to two years. According to Brannon, he believes funds could be secured once outside individuals recognize how important retaining the staff at Bowman County is for future students. Brannon also said the current gift will fund the two-year proposal and provide an opportunity to study the benefits and see if longer terms or amounts are appropriate.