Believe it or not, it’s Christmas!

Now that Christmas is over we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. All the running around, planning and celebrating is done for another year. Well, not exactly. The months of fanfare may be winding down, but technically Christmas has only just begun.

Pastor Mary Wiggins
Special Contributor

In life of the church, the Christmas season doesn’t end with Christmas. It starts on Christmas. And like what the well-known song says, the Christmas seasons last for 12 days, ending on January 6th with the festival of Epiphany. Side Note: Epiphany is on Sunday this year, which makes this pastor pretty happy. So basically, we are not done with Christmas, but rather are in the middle of the Christmas season.

Christmas isn’t over yet. But if you think about it, is Christmas ever really over. As Christians, the life and love of Jesus Christ changes and transforms our hearts each and every day. Every day, we are a new creation and every day we have the chance to transform the world following in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are a called to serve and care for fellow humanity every day, not just during the holiday season.

In his poem the Work of Christmas, Howard Thurman wrote, “When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and the princes are home, When the shepherds are back with their flocks, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, To heal the broken, To feed the hungry, To release the prisoner,To rebuild the nations, To bring peace among people, To make music in the heart.”

As the spirit of the Christmas season starts to fade, I encourage you to not forget the greatest part of Christmas. I believe that is, the precious gift that was freely given to us. God the Son, was born, died, and raised for us that we would also know the power of God’s love and presence. And because we have been freed by the love of God, we can boldly care for all of those whom God loves. 

The celebration may be over, but the work of Christmas begins now.  As people transformed everyday by Jesus Christ, we can share with the world some of what has been given to us all. Through us, the world turning, life changing love of God, is still at work bringing comfort and hope to those that need it. May the love of God in Christ Jesus fill you heart in this season and in the next! Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!